• Healthy Easter Treats

    Easter baskets don’t have to be full of chocolate and peeps. Here are some great ideas that will fill your Easter basket without all the extra fat and sugar....



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      – Avenida Miguel Bombarda 1, 6º D, 1000-207 Lisboa (Saldanha)
      – Av. das Descobertas, Nº 43 A, 2670-384 – Loures (Infantado)
      – Av. Professor Doutor Egas Moniz, nº 23, Loja C, 2745-763 Queluz (Massamá)
     – Rua Alves Redol, 3, Loja 3E, 2675-285 Odivelas
     – R. Belém 22A, 2780-005 Oeiras
      – Rua César de Oliveira, nº 1, 2745-091 Queluz (Near PSP)
      – Rua Dona Maria I, nº 15, Queluz (Near the Railway Station and the Market)


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